Attain Self-Mastery | 3 Useful Tips

How can you emerge victorious out of every challenging situation in your life? How can you beat up every record and come on top?...
Purpose of life

What is the Purpose of Life? Aristotle

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, founder of a school of thought, in the early ages of history pondered about human existence and its purpose. He...
How to be Extraordinary

How to Be Extraordinary- Friedrich Nietzsche

One of the most important questions of our lives, of our history of human creativity, of philosophy is how we can find ourselves, how...
8 ways to persuade

8 Ways to Persuade Someone into Anything

You might have noticed sometimes that it's really difficult to say no to certain people. -Even if you really don't want to do the...
Types of government

Why all Types of Government Fail eventually?

when Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was asked by a woman, ''sir what have you given us?'' his immediate response was among...
creation of universe

Creation of Universe | Evolution Or Intelligent Design?

The world is a beautiful place but in the broader picture, there are countless other worlds existing inside this complex, infinite, three dimensional(Length, Width,...
The New Ottoman Empire | Erdogan's Dream

The New Ottoman Empire 2023 | Erdogan’s Dream

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan often termed as an autocratic ruler by the western media was actually the one reforming Turkey, its Power Structure, and...
Kuala Lumpur Summit | Dr. Mahathir Powerful Speech

Kuala Lumpur Summit | Dr. Mahathir Powerful speech

Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 Late, in the December of 2019 Muslim leaders' meeting at Kuala Lumpur convention center was taking a new approach to handle...
How to become successful?

How to become Successful | Islamic View

What is the most desired thing in your life? Most Probably, it is the desire to be recognized. You want your presence to be...

New World Order 2020 (Who Actually Lead The World ?)

WHO ACTUALLY LEAD THE WORLD? New World Order If you ever wondered why there is so much destruction and misery in the world and what’s happening...