Porn addiction

Porn Addiction- Islamic View and solution for breaking from the habbit

Porn addiction and sex life The most desired moment of everybody's life is their sexual life. It makes an important part of their lives, but...
Does God Exist

Does God Exist? – Book Review

Religion, faith, and its by-product have always been a major distinguisher among masses of different faiths and a flashpoint for conflicts in history, besides...
five pillars of islam

The Five Pillars Of Islam (Forgotten) The Bygone Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the pillars of belief(Iman) and the gateway to Islam. They are Tawhid( اصل توحید); The faith in the...
third eye

Third Eye Of Consciousness Explained | My Personal Experiences

The keys to all forms of knowledge and ultimately high third eye of consciousness is love achieved through painful experiences. Bear with me. Possible Scenario: ...
balfour declaration

Balfour Declaration -Aka the Oppression and Occupation

Balfour Declaration Balfour Declaration was a treaty designated to snatch back what they (Jewish aka Zionists) Had lost. It was the deal of acquisition, and...
is our life valuable?

Is Our Life valuable? Free-will vs Determinism

Most of you must have been wandering through your lives such as a befallen leaf that is separated from its roots. You literally are...
Is our food becoming less nutritious

How our food is Becoming Less Nutritious?

Is our food becoming less nutritious? Many people claim that the nutrient content in our food has been decreasing over the decades. But is...
How to become successful?

How to become Successful | Islamic View

What is the most desired thing in your life? Most Probably, it is the desire to be recognized. You want your presence to be...
how to lead a cpnversation

How to lead a conversation -The art of communication

How to lead a conversation?  Being able to talk to anyone of a bigger status or authority and knowing how to lead the conversation by...

How money is created? – And who controls our money?

Today we will uncover the bitter and sinister truth behind a Ponzi scheme that owners of the current monetary system use to loot away...