How to become successful?

How to become Successful | Islamic View

What is the most desired thing in your life? Most Probably, it is the desire to be recognized. You want your presence to be...
The modern crisis of Loneliness

The Modern Crisis of Loneliness – Explained

The Modern crisis of loneliness When we think of what might have we lost on the way to becoming modern, we’re likely to think about...

5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier | Subconscious Mind

Welcome to the community of Light-Bearers, A community where people become critics of their lives, where people accept that something is wrong with their...
Dirilis Ertugrul

How did Dirilis Ertugrul become so Popular Worldwide?

Dirilis Ertugrul Is a series made as per the directives of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express to the world about what true representation...
Tips for Changing yourself

Best Lifestyle Tips for Changing yourself Completely

Implications of implementing the tips for Changing yourself. Whether you are fed up with the way you live or the environment you are in, it...
Porn addiction

Porn Addiction- Islamic View and solution for breaking from the habbit

Porn addiction and sex life The most desired moment of everybody's life is their sexual life. It makes an important part of their lives, but...
third eye

Third Eye Of Consciousness Explained | My Personal Experiences

The keys to all forms of knowledge and ultimately high third eye of consciousness is love achieved through painful experiences. Bear with me. Possible Scenario: ...
Why rich can not find peace

Why Rich People Can Not Find Peace in Life? -Even after they have Achieved...

Prior to understanding why rich people can not find peace in life even after they have achieved everything, you have to understand what causes...
the greatest mental game

The Greatest Mental Game -Developing Mental Toughness

Life is the greatest mental game ever played. It constituted every kind of challenge for the mind and every kind of trial to test...
how to lead a cpnversation

How to lead a conversation -The art of communication

How to lead a conversation?  Being able to talk to anyone of a bigger status or authority and knowing how to lead the conversation by...