How money is created? – And who controls our money?


Today we will uncover the bitter and sinister truth behind a Ponzi scheme that owners of the current monetary system use to loot away people’s prosperity and freedom. Let’s start first by giving an answer to how money is created, who controls our money, and why and how the US dollar became the world’s reserve currency in order to understand the Ponzi scheme and how it affects all of your lives? I’m going to focus on the United States only because they’re the world reserve currency, but first, we have to understand how it became a reserve currency in the world economy?

The rise of the US dollar begins with the prelude of the two biggest war humanity have fought. When the first world war begins, all the countries engaged in the war ended the gold-money standard. Gold-money standard exactly means that if you have 20 dollars paper money/currency, it should be linked to 20 dollars worth of gold in order for the currency or paper money to store value. However, the governments during the war in order to fund the wars and buy weapons started printing money endlessly without any gold in the treasury to back up the paper currency. Therefore the currencies of those governments were devalued and lost their purchasing power. On the contrary, the US as a result of its geographical position and not being involved in the war and unaffected by the destruction, improved much having a thriving industry and providing loans to the war-struck countries.

And, in 1994, the follow up of the 1st world war, WWII which destroyed the whole world, especially the European nations, made America a superpower. The economy of the European nations completely collapsed, their industries and infrastructures demolished, their currency lost value due to over-printing and hyper-inflation. And America again gained from this war. America’s involvement in the war had a significant impact on its economy because, during the war, the industries in the European nations that were supposed to provide products like food, and grains to eat were forced to prepare weapons and war machines, therefore there was a lot of demand for goods and more weapons from America. There happened lots of trades of goods and weapons between the European nations and America and the Americans got paid in gold for their goods and weapons. Since then the US became the largest gold reserve in the world and its economy the biggest economy in the world.

When world war II came to an end, the countries gathered in Hampshire, Bretton wood to rebuild the world economy and create a new monetary system. In the end, IMF, International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank were founded and the US dollar was accepted as the world reserve currency because the US dollar was the only currency back by gold. In Bretton wood, countries accepted to link their currencies to gold-backed dollar since other countries had not gold in reserve and so they linked their currency to gold in order to have a foreign exchange system based on the price of the dollar. Since then the dollar became the world’s reserve currency. -Source

However, that supremacy was questioned towards the beginning of the twenty-first century when America started pouring out money on the Vietnam war, spending money on big projects, and flooding the economy with paper money for all sorts of spendings that countries began to suspect that America had over-printed money than the amount of gold to back it up. Then the countries like France and Switzerland began to lose hope in the American dollar for holding any value and demanded back the gold they traded for the dollar. Soon after that America pulled out of the Bretton woods agreements in August 15 of 1971 and ceased the dollars’ redeemability to gold and delinked the dollar from gold. -Source

After the incident in August 1971, the world could not delink their currencies from the dollar because of the Petro-dollar agreement in 1974. In an agreement in 1974, America, Saudi Arabia along other members of the Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) agreed to standardize the sale of oil only in the dollar, in return for America to provide military assistance for fighting Israel and security for their Oil extracting sites.

That’s all how America and the American dollar became the superpower.

Who controls all our money and how it is created?

The money that we see today, the money that we hold in our hands, that we perspire and earn with our blood and sweat is nothing but a piece of paper, it holds no value, there’s no gold, no silver, no dimes or coins to back it up and give it value, the only thing that gives its value is the amount of dollar reserve in the country that gives it its value. But the irony is that the dollar itself has nothing to back it or give it value. We are simply earning a piece of paper and giving it value ourselves. The current money or currency is all politics money. The government makes them, and values them and tells people to believe it as money and value it, that’s all. That is our monetary system and the ones that control our money are builders of this system.

Now, how money is created? Well, money is created simply when we are depositing our money in a bank, supposedly,100$ dollars, the bank then keeps the 10$ and takes the 90$ and loans it. But, when you check your bank balance it is 100$ dollar. It is just 10$ cash and 90$ credit which are just digits that are created by the bank. So as a result 190$ came into existence. This is an explanation on a small scale. A larger-scale explanation goes like this -This example concerns the United States because they have the reserve currency- : Money in the modern world is simply created out of nothing and the federal reserve in united states and other governemnts in the world can make money without anything in the treasury on a smaller level when a person asks for loans, they ask for the accumulated money of another person from the bank, while the bank without telling that person lends his money to you and replaces his money with credits which are digits, as a result, new money is created in the system without there being anything to back them up. However, the federal reserve makes money out of nothing, just when the government asks for loans and issues bonds with the amount mentioned in it, money simply flows into existence then.

So this all were nothing but Ponzi scheme, making money out of nothing and without anything to back it. And this trend will keep continuing unless people on a larger scale are educated and acknowledged about it. I have a set of videos for you, I highly recommend it for everyone to watch it, acknowledge it, and pass it to others. The only solution to these crisis is for people to become the part of the solution. So I urge you to pay heed to the advices and counsel in this series titled ”The biggest fraud in history of mankind”.

Watch this documentary first then move to the playlist.

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