What is the most desired thing in your life? Most Probably, it is the desire to be recognized. You want your presence to be acknowledged inside a room that you walk in. You want popularity and you want everyone to know you and admire you and that state of being celebrated and being well-known is called success nowadays.

The Definition of Being ”Successful” In the Modern Era

In this world, the most desired thing for humans is being liked and celebrated everywhere. Ask somebody what desires he has. Most probably, one of his biggest desire will be recognition and popularity. He wants his presence to be acknowledged inside a room that he walks in. He wants everyone to know him. He wants everybody to like him and that state of being liked and being well-known is depicted in movies as a state of heroism and we are craving for that. Furthermore, they are glorified by media, backed by money and endorsed by their fame and popularity that we begin to call them successful. But what is success really?

What is Success Really?

Before trying to achieve success we have to define success for ourselves. Over the course of life, success meant different things for different people. For some it was fulfilling his wishes, for another, it was amassing a fortune, for others it was overachieving, coming at first place in a competition, getting followers on Instagram, being the center stage in a conversation, but none is greater than this definition of success.

Best Definition of Success

Success is all about expressing yourself. It’s about being who you want to be, doing what you want to do, going where you want to go. Because when it comes to your life, you are the boss, and you have a choice. In fact, you are who you are today because of all the choices that you’ve made in your entire life.

But as we are growing up we have got a lot of people who try to tell us how to make these choices; our parents, our teachers, our bosses, our friends, even our neighbors. They try to tell us how to live our lives, what we should do, where we should go, how we should walk, how we should talk.

Even today, we are surrounded by judgments, opinions, and fingers-pointing and eyes sneering us to not do what we like to do. And now in our teens, we are not sure what we want to do because of the thoughts and opinions of others that have occupied our brains and are telling us otherwise. But my question for you is this, “If you’re trying to be what other people want you to be, then who will be you?”.

So the key to success is to stop conforming to other people’s expectations and start performing to your own level of expectations.

Second best definition for Success

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal!

To put it in simple words, it means to daily work towards achieving an end goal you have set for yourselves. And if you are daily progressing towards your ideals, you are way ahead than many people and way successful than before.

The pros and Cons of the Modern standards of Success

Most people aspire for prosperity and make their way to it through shortcuts and illicit ways. Nearly all the celebrities, in their journey did things they did not want to, or did not deem it appropriate but becoming a celebrity demanded them to do so and not object the things they do.

But, either popular in good or evil, they are termed as a symbol of success for us. largely due to the media which projects them as highly successful and the splendid attention and recognition they get from it

That is why we day in and day out work to get popular, we change our looks, we dress up beautifully, we try to impersonate famous celebrities, we try to look rich like they are, we incorporate their luxurious lifestyle, we will walk and talk like them, we will do all in all to get peoples’ eyes and attention on our lives because we want to become popular like them because we want to become successful – Success which is glorified by Fame, Money, and the Media.

That’s why there is a big shortcoming in our today’s definition of success which costs us our uniqueness, our originality, it causes to become a mere copy of those who we feel to be highly successful.

Real success is in going free according to your will and real success is in carving and walking on your own path, real success is in presenting and expressing your self to the world.

Imran Khan’s 5 rules For Success

Imran Khan is an Oxford graduate, a World Cup Cricket Captain, Founder of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, a philanthropist, a revolutionary leader, and the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and the most important, a great human being. He struggled throughout his whole life and still is thriving forward to his goals. His first struggle was cricket; after being out in the first ball in his first test match, he was dropped out of the team but he returned and became a captain who led Pakistan to World Cup by beating England in 1992. After Cricket he lost his mother(Shaukat Khanum) to cancer and as a result decided to build a cancer hospital so that no one should die out of cancer but his vision for making cancer treatment affordable and accessible was rejected several times and again, despite all odds and difficulties, he built Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, the world’s first cancer hospital that made cancer treatment affordable with 70% free of charge and accessible to all cancer patients. His project was complete in December 1994 after four years of collecting charity and donations from people in person. Then after building Shaukat Khanum, it took him 22 years of struggle and effort to reach his vision, Prime Ministership. For him to accomplish his vision and reach the peak of his life’s achievements, he had 5 rules that you will learn about in the following paragraph.

There are five rule that you need in order to become successful

1. Resilience

You have to pit yourself against challenges. Life is a journey of giving back a test that once you failed in heaven and that caused you to descend down to earth as a result. Now when you are on earth during your lifetime you have to give back the tests to prove you are worthy of heaven. You will have to endure each test that will be followed by another and with each test, you will prove your determination, faith, and commitment to your creator, and your iman and belief in Allah will grow stronger by enduring the tests that you pass with its difficulty and pain. That’s why Imran Khan says that there are no happily lived after moments in life, life is the name of struggle and challenges. the moment your struggle for your causes ends, you are preferably not more than a dead body lying underground. Struggle gives life its meaning and purpose. And resilience is the attribute of a living man, not a dead man.

2. Selflessness

For your cause, you have to become Selfless. You have to be ready to sacrifice and compromise on your priorities for your purpose in life. You have to devote your time, sweat, and energy to your cause. His selflessness for his cause(Shaukat Khanum Memorial cancer hospital) caused him to declare 70% free treatment of cancer patients. His foundation become the first-ever cancer hospital globally to treat free of 70% charge and was awarded multiple accreditations and certificates from different International organizations, including WHO(World Health Organization.

3. Fearlessness

Imran Khan @imrankhan min

In his video speech above, he mentioned three fears that can incapacitate and paralyze a man and they are fear of failure and humiliation, fear of losing once livelihood, and fear of death. He says for those who are believers, Allah provide them with blessings and he is the only one who gives or takes away one’s dignity. Moreover, he said that his faith in Allah’s mercy and his good deeds liberated him from the fear of death.

4. Truthfulness

Another qualities of a great men is his honesty and righteousness, he added. Nobody can become great without possessing this characteristic. He became Prime Minister because people trusted him and his decisions. They choose him as someone who could protect the interest and as someone they could rely on for protection of their country’s dignity, and reputation.

5. Justness

The final rule for becoming a great man is to treat everyone with justice and equality. A leader who is not just and fair will not live long enough to enjoy from his greatness.

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Endnotes: Choose not bliss, comfort, and luxury for your life because that breeds envy, greed, competition, and hatred, but a worthy ideal. An end goal that should force you to daily move towards achieving it and that struggle will add meaning and purpose to your life and will give your life a trajectory or a direction to forge through in the crowd that has lost vision and hope. Read more… How to Change your Life Completely in order to be Successful.

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