Most of you must have been wandering through your lives such as a befallen leaf that is separated from its roots. You literally are lost. You don’t know where you are going? You are probably feeling lost in the abyss and confused like that leaf that may find itself drifting away with the breeze of air.

This must be the case for every one of you who has now wandered here on this post. You must be wondering through your life hopeless and aimless.
Brace yourself for what is to be coming to you in a while when you continue reading till you discover what is it that is waiting patiently for you to be discovered. And what is it that can contribute to your lost lives? What is it that it can add to the lives of those who find it? What is it that is significant about it that it is going to change the course of your lives? And what it is that will channel your lives, your beliefs and actions eventually to a new path and trajectory. So let’s find out about this topic:

Is Our Life Valuable? Or Does your life hold value even?

Before Jumping into this topic we have to deduce something far more important which is a Free-willed or predestined life?

Is our life in the hands of the beholder or is it an absolutely free reign of us (Human kinds)? Did Allah create us with free will or not? -he is who sets boundaries, he is who rolls the dice and who decides our fate and what to be done with his subjects.

No one living knows the answer or can vouch for the validity of this matter. Is life bound to a free reign and absolute control of people on their matters or is it bound to Allah’s rules? And therefore we are obligated to those set of limitations.

No one knows who created us and other objects and matters and particles that make life possible? who gives them sustenance and drive and cause for action? For instance, stars know how to exist and die in and out of themselves, such sophistication is unparalleled to be seen anywhere with a great and precise organizer. More so, we, living organisms from a single cell to multi-cellular, from plants to forests, from stones to mountains, all of us have a set of detailed organized code for what to do, how to function, and more importantly how to sustain life and prevail and prosper, again such overt phenomenon of excellent organization and uniformity of everything in existence for life to happen is really a big wonder. However, despite this set of codes instilled in our functionality as living organisms, can we still be free-willed and un-bounded to any rule of the creator kind of creature?

So let’s find out the answer to who runs the coordinates of life in the universe? and how that will have binding implications on our lives, our condition and situation of life, our fate, and overall circumstance on everything involving life and living objects?

Keeping the examples above in mind, life is a complex concept. Everything is part of everything. No one is uninvolved or untangled. Everything is entangled and part of something larger. Therefore, something larger than those exists that puts things in order and set the coordinates for them to operate and function the way they had been functioning for billions of years. We, humans, are also part of that mechanism- not independent of it- that runs life and is made into this whole conundrum and become an intricate design of a developed species in the system with brains and the capacity to use it to create, invent, explore and discover things and not separate from this design and a creator of it. That is why we are victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, and otherworldly phenomena which means we are not the master of our fate, nor the wielder of such intricate designs of life.

Therefore, we are not the owner of this system that is in place. We are part of this system. We are functioning because the system dictates and defines what to do. We are a single part of the coordinate that runs the world but it also could be that the system is in place for us and everything is in function in order for us to function.

But that makes problems in itself. How can a problem itself create a new solution for itself? We are part of the problems of the whole coordinate and maybe we are the solutions too. But nobody knows until we outlive those problems and see it for ourselves or maybe we will be consumed by those problems ourselves if we do not find something out of our petty existence to solve them. So, the problems are the solutions and the solution are the problems. And humans are designed to solve problems and create problems. So maybe we are controlling life and life is resisting us to make us perfect masters. We can find it in a series of events that happens in the mind of everyone which is a chess game.

There, we design our pre-game and others play their pre-game in mind, however, there are limitations to everything that anyone can do. We can do what we want all in this game to become masters of our fate.

In conclusion, maybe, We are players in a game someone else created with his pre-game in mind and we have to play to become champions or losers in this game (Life).

FB IMG 16493191569844163

So we talked about whether life is free-willed or a pre-meditated and determined life. The matter ended as a draw between determinism and free will. We are in a foreign game like chess where each one of us like the players in chess has limited moves already determined but we have free will in either continuing and championing the game with its own rules and intricacies or forfeiting it. for being bounded to them which restricts us. Now moving on to the main topic which is:

Does our life hold value in this game? Or is our life valuable in this game of life?

and what is the value system in there or is there any value? If there is then, what brings those values and erodes them? How can we keep those values and what are those things that demean our lives and the values?

First of all let’s talk about the value system, like how we have a sense of good and bad.

Goodness or a sense of doing good in the world is always a far-fetched dream that we envision in the wonderland. We dream of being a paragon of virtue, a champion of the good against evil, and a defender of the world against the worst of the world.

The sense of doing good stems from an utter desire for a utopian world where everyone’s deeds are good. It is a reprisal for the fact that we are good and we want good things to happen to us. We want to do good and we also want others to do good with us and everyone else.

Being good or doing good may also stem from the moral standing of a society or community. A community where people care for each other, visit each other and help each other. This will eventually bring up individuals with a greatly heightened sense of morality and belief in goodness and other good virtues. Therefore a person is a product of the society in which he or she was brought up.

How we can be good people depends solely on our belief in goodness and on our clear intentions. People who do good have a moral standing behind it. They firmly stand on their morality to do good without reprisal or any re-compensation of any sort. Their beliefs are firm and clear and that makes their intentions pure and honest.

A good person will not think of anything while doing any act of kindness. However, that belief can be instilled in him through repeated actions of kindness enforced on him by society. A person who is bad can not remain a bad person among all the good people. Therefore a good person is always shaken to his core first by his society or his community and secondly by his conscience and his sense of morality (goodness and badness).

However, if everyone is good enough, can there be all goodness in the world?

The question is clearly a No, No one. First of all, Morality is purely subjective and objective at all times and it cannot be enforced on everyone’s moral beliefs, meaning that everyone sees morality (good or bad) differently. In every scenario, we don’t know what is good or bad between choosing what to do and what not to do in that situation.

Like when the prophet Muhammad was thrown dust upon his head by a Jewish lady. So at that time should that lady’s actions be redeemed or punished for her action, while the prophet Muhammad himself forgave her actions.

Answer: From the public’s point of view the lady did wrong and should be punished, however, the opposite happened, prophet Muhammad didn’t respond with bad reciprocatory action, but he forgave and even showed goodness by visiting her on her death-bed.

Therefore, Morality is purely subjective and objective both, between the person and the situation or rest of the things he is faced with. It is part of one’s personal moral beliefs that make one greater than good or bad. Mortality itself is just a guideline of what is a good or bad way of doing things, but it is believing in those goodnesses and that high concept of morality that brings them to life.

So morality is a product of human societies and exists only among humans. As a result, we create all the value systems in our lives, and by believing firmly in them as a society or as an individual we glorify them. Like you may not find waiting for someone an unpleasant task because you find no value in them but in some instances, you wait longer for something you should, like for your girlfriend’s school to finish so you could see her for 5 minutes walking out of school. See, how you find large sums of value when there is not any but only in your mind you believe in it then it because of it that you see value in doing such things. Another example of the value system which is also literally in existence because of people’s utter absurd beliefs is the concept of successful people which is very hyped-up and a lie. Everyone is sucking at something.

If we have to define success we have to have a personal look at success, not an objective look but with standards and objectives of one’s own. in that way, success is all about self-expression. Expressing what lies there in the heart to be unearthed and brought to the world.

which means that all who became successful were by doing what they wanted to do, being what they wanted to be, and fulfilling what they desired and dreamt about. For instance, a singer has the courage to express his creativity and voice to the world. An engineer has worked hard to build best what he had imagined vividly in his mind. A doctor became great because he wanted to be serving with sincerity and full dedication to his work and service. A businessman became a billionaire due to his audacity in his demands and courage in his convincing power, in other words, a belief in himself to demonstrate and convince the world of who he is and what he believes in (product or service or idea).

So, Success is a matter of courage in doing something about your desires and wishes. A well-suited definition of success, therefore, is that it is all about self-expression. Any successful person who we can name is courageous enough to do want he wanted to do, to go after what he wanted to go, to fulfill what desires and wishes he had within their heart and mind.

To be precise, it was all about bringing themselves out to the world and fighting for what they wanted to become.

However, the contemporary definition of success differs from what I described now. Success is a manifestation of dreams that exists within one’s mind which is a subjective definition of success. Subsequent to this definition, we have an objective definition of success which is cars, luxury items, majestic houses, big offices, and lots of money, fame, and glory. But it solely depends on the person what he wants to go after, whether after an objective definition of success that people should acknowledge him as successful or a subjective one that should bring him close to seeing his dreams come true.

But there can be a mixture of both, people who become successful by achieving their lingering desire and changing the world and then living within the luxurious houses and objectifying all their success and material wealth towards the world.

However, what success is, is merely an underdeveloped concept dependent on a perception that is over-hyped.

There is no correct standard or scale for which we should measure success. A person of rich wealth is also unsuccessful in lots of things, a failure, and they are feeling void and emptiness in certain aspects of his life too. On the contrary, a poor person may be better at those aspects and may be successful in his personal life, and family relationships, and way more than the rich who may be failing.


Everything about success is merely a product of one’s perception of life or simply something that had been made glorious by social media that portrays money, fame, big-name, large house, and luxurious life as what success means really – I mean success is a big lie- the concept of success is very deluding and unfulfilling it comprises of what is that people want that you should have, own, and do on daily basis but regardless if you do it, own it, and have it, you will in the process lose the personal satisfaction over life and lose the key control over a life that you will be handing over to useless trends of social and mainstream media.

So lastly to address the main topic,

Does your life hold value eventually? Is our life valuable or we have to create those values?

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We have to answer the question, what gives value to your life? and what demeans those values and your life?

So to begin with I have to say that life has a way of teaching things to people. Let people go with their individual choices for a better understanding of life and the nature of life(morality, conscience, and the mind). To become a man of ethics and values you have to trust the process of hardships that life puts on your ways. They mold you and shape you into fine men with clear purpose and a set of principles that you will not give up on. For being a man of ethics and resounding courage, you have to trust in the pain and the process. The process is the key and pain is the half part of it.

However, indeed too much pain and misery can lead people to destruction. There are two ways out then, first, destruction only, and secondly, through destruction to self-realization to reconstruction and to transformation.

Faith, belief, hope, optimism, etc…are the one side of the same coin which the other side entails disparity, disappointment, hopelessness, and lack of optimism in life. If you have seen one side of the coin, be patient you will see the other side too. Both can’t happen concurrently, for one side to come the other side has to stay under.

Therefore, life teaches you everything about values, you have to be an avid listener and learner. Now to talk about what gives value to our lives and demeans it and our lives, we have to go according to psychological studies on the value of our lives.

Life is a series of conflicts according to psychology. Every day consists of challenges, like, waking up or sleeping a little late, getting a fresh start with a nice shower, fresh meal or leaving home like before with usual clothing, and with a dead appetite, doing your laundry or delaying for later, take an important decision about future or postpone for later, to do whatever you please or to do what is hard and decisive.

However, the opposite is also true that life holds value in accordance with the greater purpose or goal you want to achieve. For instance, eating healthy is better for a fit life(purpose), dressing elegantly is better for a confident and appealing look at a job(purpose), doing hard things and tough decisions for a more tough training(purpose), deciding to watch a 50-minute seminar on a subject rather than a tv series(Purpose), working on your writing skill rather than studying peoples’ profile on social media(purpose).

These two ideas share great significance and insight on whether your life holds value or not, whether your life is worth living or not, and whether your life is full of meaning and purpose or void of such things.

These two prevalent ideas always existed in a competitive and thriving society.

However, despite the lack of clarity in purpose and will to put up a struggle against the conflicts in life, we can still look to the brighter side of life in which life is dignified and not meaningless, people are loved for who they are and not for his wealth and status, and where love, brotherhood, altruism, sacrifice, and piety are concepts that are upheld in that society rather than depreciated and undermined.

Nevertheless, it is uncontroversial that life has lost meaning and purpose now and we are no longer a thriving and competitive society but a reclusive one that is walking on crutches.

But why? Why Is our life valuable and worth living not anymore?

Why has our life been demoted to this level and standard that we are now? Why we have faced such a significant loss of meaning and purpose in our lives? How did we lose such high moral standing on those valued concepts? -to the point that we don’t consider them anymore.

This happened because we no longer control our lives. We were from decades undergoing several mind-mapping strategic changes in our lives. Through those changes, corporations were given authority over our lives. Religious conflicts and differences were instilled in our minds. Mediocrity was programmed in our belief system in childhood. Racism, bigots, and cultural differences along with proud sense of individuality and self were upheld in political realms. These all further enslave us and chained us and our lives down to the curses we are feeling now.

So is the case, because we have been slaves of incorporation. Corporations make our food, provide all our necessities food, shelter, clothing, and money, controls our Education System, and our career and as a result control all human resources, and opportunities for the masses, therefore, reducing our choices and freedom and in the end overtaking our personal lives. When there is no freedom then there is no will to rejoice at will. We will unwillingly give up our lives though we will try our best not to. But contrary to our beliefs that everything good or bad happens for a reason, nothing will happen in our case. Because we are unwillingly compelled to lose everything due to our enslavement to the system and we have no control over our lives. The best way to freedom is to carve a path away from the system that takes our rights to everything. We are not any better than others because every one of us is as miserable as the other.

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