Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019

Late, in the December of 2019 Muslim leaders’ meeting at Kuala Lumpur convention center was taking a new approach to handle the challenges facing the Islamic world. In the Capital of Malaysia, Muslim leaders, and over 400 scholars, and intellectuals were invited from 52 Muslim countries to gather in the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 in order to come up with ways to overcome the issues confronted by the Muslim Ummah and to come up with concrete actions and solutions.

What were the issues discussed at the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019?

The Kuala Lumpur Summit addressed many problems inflating the Islamic World, Such as Islamophobia, poverty, conflicts, and wars in the Middle East, and the geopolitical crises ranging from the old age dispute over the forceful occupation of Palestine and the land dispute over Kasmir. They are all the issues the United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia failed to resolve or mention properly.

The Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 was organized to make it possible for the Muslim Ummah to comprehend why Islam and the Muslims countries were “in a state of crisis, helpless and unworthy of this great religion” and also to provides an opportunity to the Muslim leadership coming from diverse backgrounds to deliberate more extensively on those questions and issues.

The initiatives were led by leaders of three Sunni nations, Recep Tayyip Erdogan President of Turkey, Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammad Prime Minister of Malaysia, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamid Al-Thani Emir of Qatar and they were also joined by President Hassan Rouhani, High-level delegations from Pakistan and Indonesia, but Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan canceled the day before the meeting after visiting Saudi Arabia.

Why did Imran Khan drop out of the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019?

Reports from the Media

”The Saudis are concerned that the Kuala Lumpur Summit could lead to the creation of a rival Muslim body to the Saudi Led Organization of Islamic Cooperation”. Pakistan’s Premier was furthermore forced to pull out of the summit due to the financial dependency of his country on Gulf State like Suadi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and the loans he received recently from there.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Muhammad’s Speech | Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019

For written form of the speech go to my facebook page shredofsanity.net

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ”

.السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته, Distinguished guests, as host of this meeting I would like to welcome your majesties, your excellencies, ladies, and gentlemen to this Kaula Lumpur Summit.

The Kuala Lumpur Summit started as a gathering of Muslim scholars and intellectuals who are concerned about the present situation of the Muslim Ummah, their countries, and their religion of Islam.

If we care to honestly assess our situation, we and our religion have become the subject of mass vilification and defamation. Muslims and Islam have been equated with terrorism and failures of government, of irrationality, and acts unworthy of civilized behavior.Muslim countries are accused of authoritarianism and lack of concern for Human rights. There is not a single Muslim country that is classified as developed. All despite their immense wealth are categorized as developing countries and they are all weak and incapable of protecting the Muslim Ummah as is their duty by their religion.

We can accuse the non-Muslim world of being biased and unjust in their assessment but we cannot deny the fact that there are fratricidal wars in several Muslim countries, that many Muslim countries are beholden to the powerful non-Muslim nations, that Muslims are running away from their own countries to seek refuge in non-Muslim countries. We cannot deny that we are dependent on the non-Muslims for most of our needs. In fact, although the Qur’an enjoins us to be prepared to protect the ummah because for a long time we cannot even equip ourselves with means to ward off the attacks by others. We depend upon our detractors to supply us. There was a time when Muslims were recognized for their advanced civilization, they were able to spread the teachings of Islam to the whole world. They were well-versed in all fields of knowledge, including the sciences, and engineering, especially, the manufacture of goods.Today we have lost the respect of the world. We are no longer the source of human knowledge, nor the model for human civilization.

For a long time in the 18th and 20th centuries, Muslim countries were all dominated and occupied by European powers we have now largely freed ourselves but we have not done much better as independent nations, indeed some of us have regrets to the point of once again being dependent on our former colonial masters.

Ladies and gentlemen, we lament the decline and the fall of the great Islamic civilization. We pray for help from others Allah(SWT), but actually we must know that Allah(SWT)has stated in the Quran that he will not answer our prayers unless we do something to elevate our situation.Many will claim that they have done so. They are prepared to die and dying in the effort to protect Islam and the Muslim Ummah but they have done more damage to our religion by disreputable acts of terror.

We may claim that we are performing Jihad, but the result is more oppression of Muslims everywhere. We are expelled from our own countries, rejected by asylum countries, oppressed and condemned. We have caused fear of Islam to the point of Islamophobia being created. Yes, some in their anger and frustration have resolved to indiscriminate acts of violence, innocent people have been killed, including their own fellow Muslims. They have not exempted the countries which have given them asylum. Indiscriminate acts of terror were also perpetrated in those countries.

These are facts, Yes, we are angry and frustrated, we cannot wage a conventional war, no country would help us but even so what do we gain by such indiscriminate acts, nothing. If at all the situations have become worse, we can declare that Islam does not advocate such violence but for as long as we act in anger, as long as we do things that frighten people and it becomes worst if we proclaim that we are performing Islamic jihad, the fear of Muslim and Islam will not be diminished. We claim that these are done by other Muslim sects, which we claim to be not the true followers of Islam, but our detractors and victims do not care about our different sects for them we are all Muslims, the differences between sects are irrelevant.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the present situation. It was no so in the past. We know that in the past Islamic civilization was highly respected. It was leading not only in the adherence to the teachings of Islam as a religion of peace but in all other fields of human achievement. Muslims led in the knowledge of the sciences, in human development, in infrastructure development, in the governance and development of their countries. Muslims built great cities, sailed and mapped the seas, traded between East and West along the silk road, and a great many other things that enhanced the reputation of Islam and the Muslim. Their military strengths were incomparable, Muslims and their countries were treated with respect.

Reasons for the decline of the great Islamic Civilization

Then, around the 15th generation of the common era, the Muslim civilization declined, the neglected all the acquisition of knowledge, other than that on Islam. Scholars of Islam came up with differing interpretations and the result is the formation of different sects and odds with each other. Muslims lost their countries, they were dominated by European powers.

From this decline, they have not fully recovered even after regaining independence. There were some attempts to find the reasons for their decline but clearly their discussion as colony writings have not resulted in the recovery of their past greatness.

So if the future remains as we are now, we will suffer continuous operation, we will decline further and our great religion will be denigrated as a religion of failure, of oppression, of terrorism. Muslims will be turned away from their own Muslim countries to seek refuge in non-Muslim countries. The Islamic Ummah will not be protected as enjoined by the Quran.

Reasons why Muslims are in a state of crisis, and helplessness.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can console ourselves by believing that this world is not for us, we are Muslim, we as Muslims will have a better world in the afterlife, in the (Akhira), but even though Allah(SWT ) has enjoined upon us to prepare for the next world, we are also reminded that we must not forget our share in this world. (Surah Ar-Ra’d, Verse 11). We pray to Allah asking that we be safe in this world, that Allah will protect us in this life. But Allah has said in Qur’an, he will only help us if we do something to help ourselves first.

Are we doing anything? Yes, we claim that we are carrying out the Jihad but it is doing anything that is forbidden by Allah, ”the way of our Jihad”. The Al Quran, expressly forbids killing, above all killing a fellow Muslim. But Muslims are killing each other indiscriminately, killing innocent people including fellow Muslims. Is this a Jihad for Islam?.

I think you will agree that these killings, these fratricidal wars are not the Jihad advocated by Islam. If they are not then we are not doing what is either to want help from our Allah, our prayers will not be answered by Allah(SWT), we need to do what is enjoined by Allah(SWT) in the Quran,

We were one Ummah before but we have broken up into nation-States with boundary separating us from each other and in a different state, our practices of our religion differ and this has broken our unity, we are no longer brothers in the Islam, we no longer have a paramount ruler, the Caliph or Khalifa.

Ladies and gentlemen but even as small nations, we do not govern well, whether authoritarian or not, our good governance is not impossible, we do not have to be oppressive. Indeed if we abide by the teachings of Islam, our religion, our good governance should result.

In any society, justice will determine the well-being of the citizens and the Qur’an repeatedly urges us to judge with justice but we are often lacking in this area, our people are judged under different and differing laws; some are oppressive and manifestly unjust.

Cultural Intrusion

Human societies have changed. Now all kinds of things are happening to human society, we can no longer isolate ourselves, no country may remain people by 100% Muslims now. Other religions, other values, other ways of life affect us.

In the days of the prophet, it was possible for carvings and drawn images to be banned. Today it is not possible and we have been forced to ignore the injunction of interpreting differently(Islam, Quran, Ayyas, Verse, Hadiths, Sermons, etc). Muslims today are not prone to worship crafts or drawn images, certainly, they will not worship photograph or images even if they move hence be. They know these are not deities to be worshiped.

When electricity was introduced, some of the scholars declared that it was haram to store electric lights in the mosque, big caps, and tight trousers were also forbidden but not anymore. However other practices remain and we still adhere by them and to that extent, we are still following what has been interpreted wrongly in our society.

This is a problem for us we need to look again at our religion to find what is the correct interpretation of our religion. Certainly, our religion does not forbid us from having good governance, from having a good society, from having a good development. These are also our rights and it is for these reasons that we have called this Kuala Lumpur Summit of 2019.

It is not about different interpretations of our religion, it is simply about growing and developing our country to the point where we too will be called developed countries, not because we value the term so much but because today Muslims are oppressed everywhere, about any country can oppress Muslims and get away with it. We are paralyzed, we cannot even condemn these actions by others because if we do on condemn then they will take retaliatory action against us.

So we are today not free because we are not strong. It is imperative that we try and focus on the development of our country so that we can be strong and can help defend the Ummah which is what we are asked to do. The Ummah is being oppressed, Being killed, expelled from their home countries, dying at sea, and on land as they try to escape.

Ladies and gentlemen, we may see a bleak future, the picture painted but it doesn’t mean that all is lost, we have to reflect on the past when the Islamic civilization was glorious and we were capable of warding off an attempt to cease our lands.

The Previous Islamic Civilization

It is also a fact that Islam was a great civilization when its adherence had observed through teachings of Islam when they were United, hard-working and keen to learn and explore the world in search of knowledge and that was a pursuit for knowledge did not have any restrictions, limitations or caveats that only cases for the study of religion and divinity, hence the reason why we are gathered here today, we gather some leaders from few Muslim countries because we do not want to start the start to be unwieldy when the differences in our perceptions are so great as to be implementable.

We are hoping that we will be able to spark a sense of purpose to pursue specific ventures and then tangible programs that the few nations involved can start working on them. If our efforts sheer fruits, we would like to take them with other Muslim Nations that share our concerns and desire to do something to improve the plight of our brother, may Allah(SWT) bless us in this small step that we are taking”.

Points from His speech:

  • Allah does not help us unless we help ourselves.

Allah stated in the Quran(Surah, Al, Ra’ad, Verse 11) that he will not change our condition unless we change our conditions first. We must start to elevate our situation first then he will step in our lives to aid and assist us.

  • Real Jihad is not only sacrificing.

For us, in the contemporary world, only the preparedness to die is not jihad, but being prepared to strive for livelihood, to make a better living, and to be keen to learn knowledge is Jihad too.

  • Do not only work for the afterlife, work for this life too

Half of your Akhira(Afterlife) is determined in this life. Work to better your lives and the lives of the generation ahead of you. – They will carry out your good deeds, your virtues, and your merits. They will follow the legacies you left behind. So be a good role model for them in life.

  • Judge with justice

The well-being of a society is determined by the justness and fairness of the ruler. Be fair in your decision and just in your judgements.

  • Unity is the Best

The current calamities are the results of brothers fighting brother, Muslim fighting with a Muslim. Before we were one Muslim Ummah, but now we have broken up into different sects, and nation-states with boundary separating us from each other, and in a different state, our practices of our religion differ and this has broken our unity. We are no longer brothers in Islam, we no longer have one leader and one flag, we are divided into several powers of our own.

  • Islam is a religion for all

In the past, Muslims were great because they all served Islam and the Muslim Ummah, and not just a particular sect, race, or color. People of all color and ethnicity worked to spread Islam far and wide and to make the Muslim Ummah prosperous. but now we function with complete disunity and disarray with Islam’s and Muslim Ummah’s interests. We begin building boundaries that separated us, different sects that divided us, different interpretations, and practices of Islam that broke us Muslims further apart, and all these add to the differences between us and lead to conflicts and wars which led us to the situations we are in now. Islam is no more a religion for all because we have linked it to a particular faith, creed, and sect, because we have added our interpretations of Islam and definitions of what a true Muslim should be, we have narrowed down our vision of Islam from being a worldwide religion to a nation-state religion and this has cost Islam all the defamation and criticisms all around.

The speech above from the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Tun Mahathir bin Mohammad incorporated such point in it about Islam, and the current issues facing it. If you wish to learn more about Islam read also from my previous article on major Principles and values of Islam, titled ”The Bygoten Islam|The Forgotten Principles. by clicking here.

Find the written form of the speech on my facebook page ShredOfSanity.net

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