If you ever wondered why there is so much destruction and misery in the world and what’s happening to the human race. Then, well let me tell you first that it is because of your ignorance to realize your situation and secondly it is because of the New World Order and here I wrote the full article titled ”New World Order” that can be found on the Internet. I originally copied this article from inforomania.org I do not know the author but I appreciate his effort in compiling this research for awakening the grieve-stricken humanity. I did not check and I do not know if you can check how much is true of the following but still, I am in large proportion, perhaps even 100% into believing this to be the true case with the current world we are living in.

Quote ”(written inclined sentences are my additions)”:

Who actually lead the world? Who holds absolute power on the planet? the U.S.? Russia, China, UK, Japan, U.E? All these economic and military powers are merely game pieces, driven from the shadow by the true masters of the planet.

They; who really leading the planet are a group of people extremely rich, very well organized that never appear openly.

From there, from anonymity, they bind and untie the course of things. Those that have heard of them, call them Mondial Occult or IlluminatiWho are these people? How are they organized? How they drive the planet? What purposes they have?

From the highest level of power imaginable, the Illuminati unknown of many governs completely unhindered. They create laws and revolutions, they establish governments, they decide what countries disappear in order for others to take their place. They factory new ideology and even religion. It is said that they created capitalist ordination, they also created the communism. They are building military and international economic treaties, they change political regimes and state presidents (Have you seen how our leaders (I am speaking here of afghan presidents), go to report and how we are obliged to respect the conditions imposed by the IMF?), as mere modern slaves of the dollar-dominated economy. How?

Putin: US presidents are not very powerful, Men in Dark Suits rule Washington, Russia Insight reported.

Their method is simple but effective and can be described in three steps: PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.  The reason for this is to tighten control and supervision which will lead to the most severe global dictatorship: cameras, satellites, drones, biometric documents, and RFID skin implants, etc.).

  1. Firstly they create a PROBLEM (conflicts, wars, revolutions, mass protests, and political, financial, and societal unrest(like the situations in each Middle Eastern Muslim countries destroyed in conflicts and wars over oil, Shia-Sunni schism, sectarian splits, terrorist groups. They create conflicts and wars between the two sides fighting against each other and not against the true instigator. They also give money to all parts involved in the conflict (After the two parts destroy their entire countries, they come as a mediator and peace-broker but in return subjugate and dominate its political realm, rebuild the country according to their own interests and introduces a new capitalistic and secularistic system like Afghanistan during Amanullah Khan, Iran during Raza Shah, Turkey under Mustafa Kamal, and Pakistan under Pervaiz Musharaf was becoming secular or was on the verge of becoming a secular state.
  2. Then, After all the devastation, misery, and unrest, through media manipulation, they cause a REACTION among the population, that seeking a solution to the problem is only possible through toppling Islamic governments, closing madrasas, prohibiting mosque to open, banning prayers, veils, and head-scarfs.
  3. Finally, they also come with the SOLUTION that almost always leaves harsh effects on the population (poverty, restriction of rights and liberties, and so on – see the attacks of 9/11, Saddam’s weapons, the financial crisis …) They were all excuses and the gateway for America in the Middle East where the came as a peacemaker who ends conflicts. (After they will start WW3 and billions of people will die, they will stop the war with several conditions: one country in the entire world, one single leader that will be the antichrist, and one religion, the antichrist religion).

Once they have set their sights on a country such as Afghanistan, they send so-called economic assassins which try with money to buy the country leader and the people around him, if this fails they attempt the assassination of the country leader and if this also fail they looking for reasons of war. Once they remove the leader they put their puppet in governments hostile to the people’s interest, like all governments in Afghanistan after the collapse of the USSR, that sell all the resources and wealth of the country. Don’t search for excuses for our politicians to say that some are better than others, because none who are implanted can lead based on their agenda. They rule based on Mason satanists’ agendas. What they did in Afghanistan from the US invasion onwards you can see, we are a country that has nothing of its strategic industry, energy, mineral resources, and oil, etc.. We are sold and servants in our own country.

The cases in which they applied all 3 methods were World war 1, World War 2, Napoleonic wars, September 11 attack, Saddam’s case, where after trying to buy and assassinate Him that doesn’t work they search for a cause for war.

What is their purpose? New World Order

Basically their goal is to control and rule over the planet by creating a New World Order and a One World Government (If you pay attention to the news you can often hear our politicians talking about this). These people are not interested to earn money, because “money factory” is theirs. They can have whatever money they want. What more could someone want who has all the money in the world? POWER and CONTROL over the population to implement their New World Order on the earth! This is their purpose.

Documentary film by Alex Jones | Anti- New World Order Activist

In order to have absolute power and control of the entire planet to impose their New World Order they intend to achieve the following objectives:

1. Establishing a world government and a New World Order.

2. Destruction of the national identity of countries of the world

3. Destruction of all world religions (especially Islam) and replacing them with a single religion where satan is worshipped. (Their biggest enemy is The Islamic Republic of Iran that for long knew and identified them as the Great Satan (Iblis) and did not make compromise over their faith after all evident methods of creating instability and chaos, creating war, and the financial and political unrest from oil trade embargo, strict economic sanctions and accusation of spreading fundamentalism and sponsoring terrorism – but instead Iran is fighting against Daesh who are financed by American CIA, Iran is fighting against injustice and occupation in foreign lands. It gives military and financial assistance to those who are oppressed and to those who have lost their homeland.

4. Total Control of world population and each individual and their transformation into “slaves of modern type”. Through processes of biometrical verification – (That is happening in USA today through Vaccination process) they will implant chips under the skin that will function as: identity card, driving license, health card, and credit card, and so on. Biometric IDs will become under skin chips and will also be used as biometric dictatorship methods. After entering this chip or before they will remove the cash, citing as a reason for avoiding tax evasion or other reasons. This chip is revealed in the bible as The Mark Of The Beast 666. Go and search for bible’s revelation about the Mark Of The Beast which is itself shocking that the bible predicted it centuries ago. In the near future without this under skin mark, you will not be able to buy or sell. They will force all, both small and great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves, to put the mark on their right hand or forehead in order to be able to buy or sell anything.

5. The massive reduction in the world population to an extent supportable by the environment and the planet’s resources. (If anyone speaks that there are too many on earth. know that this is an idea often repeated by them until we think that it is ours. Currently around half of all food in the world is thrown away and another reason why others starving is that others have so much love for wealth and money that add fortunes from which can live millions or billions of people. Therefore for one selfishness must die billion people. If you support the idea that there are too many in the world and we have to reduce the number then this should start with your family, your nation and with you. Only God who created us has the right to retake or bestow life upon us.)

6. Promotion of depravity, wickedness, cunningness and bad habits to remove Islam’s concepts of morality, its lessons of virtues, and ethics and principles of righteousness for Muslims.

7. Destruction of the current model of society and its basic cell, family

8. Destruction of freedom of expression and restricting fundamental rights of individuals.

9. All this is happening right now and in a more accelerated pace.


New World Order
Credit: Overlordsofchaos.com

In each table of the pyramid of power, you are shown that the system that governs the world today also governs our financial system, controls the world resource, and controls every individual’s mind through controlling the news and information that we are fed us daily. Using this table you will get a view of how the world is governed by secret groups, families, and powerful elites.


Their organization and the way they control the world is pyramidal. The system is called the Pyramid Power (Pyramid of Power) and is described below:

As shown in the top of the pyramid is the eye that sees all. It is an Illuminati symbol and is the eye of Lucifer or satan’s eye. Who has control over it, has control over the money world. Therefore this symbol (pyramid and the eye appears on the U.S. dollar).

Occult World (from levels 1, 2 and 3 of the pyramid) is considered the subjects of Satan and worship (worship him face to face, just as a man sees another man). Therefore they try to control the lower levels of the pyramid to bring them under the eye of satan.

(go in google and search in small letters ”satan” and you will find all the results of the word ”satan” with Big S or you can go to google translate and search for the translation of in English and you will see the word Satan in big S. It reveals how much the Word satan should get respected alike the word God or Allah. even now when I am writing it, auto-correction wants me to replace the small s with Big s but i am not gonna do that.

It seems absurd today that most important people on the planet, so rich and influential to believe in the powers of satan and worship him, but I assure you that exactly in this way the things stay (I will bring evidence). It is really hard to do an overview of the whole mechanism (which runs from the highest levels down to us, ordinary people), but I will try to clarify some key points.


Level 0 – Superior strength represented by the All-Seeing Eye. (For many is hard to find and believe in these modern times but the top of the pyramid from which all are listening, the rich world and bow and they call architect of the universe is the satan from the Bible.)

Very Important: Understanding the top of the Pyramid of Power Force gives you the opportunity to “break” the pyramid and circumvent its control (This element is the most important element to understand everything that happens in the world,  without this element you are just a simple man, wich at a beer ot a street corner makes policy and expressed his opinion about things that exceed it, is like from the mountain base you are trying to describe what’s on top. Get instead on the top of the mountain, the top of the pyramid and from there you will understand the whole picture, and then when you hear people making policy on the corner will go smile seeing how far from the truth they are).

So you can really understand the power that is at the top of the pyramid, you must first understand yourself. You must understand where you come from, where did you come from and where are you going, where you disappear. The answers to these questions are within you and decryption keys are everywhere around you, including the material world palpable. Unfortunately, the clues wich of the internet is full in various sources are mixed with a lot of lies. To find answers to these questions you have to not to follow your heart or brain but both equally.

To understand the Force should be a perfect balance between heart and reason, without separation between them. Who is guided only by feelings is easily misled, who also is made only after reason is easy to deceive? But it’s very hard to deceive someone who has a perfect balance between the two.

To understand what is at the top of the pyramid external reality must also see to understand the nature of immediate reality. That you may understand the controls on this planet. And remember: If you’re not part of the solution, you will always be part of the problem.

Level 1 – Royal Families

At the top of the pyramid of power, on level 2 is European royal families are all interrelated. The current king of Belgium, King of Sweden and Norway, and the queen of Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark are all blood relatives, pulling out of the Windsor family. Moreover, last kings were deposed by the revolution in Italy, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Greece, were they part of the same family Windsor, being found absolutely everyone in her family tree.

Here it should be noted that in the U.S., the vast majority of American presidents elected “democratically” (What democratic vote? Do we choose the candidates ? No, We do not choose. In America, both candidates have the same owner and the people choose between two masonic servants of satan. When elections are in America, the Americans had to choose between 2 masons, no mather they choose the agenda is the same) by popular vote in 1776 and so far now are related to each other. All of them are related by blood and therefore it can be said that they form a sort of “royal house” or dynasty.

According to sources, also on this level of the pyramid is also located a group of highly influential humans, but their identity is not known (they are few in number and their strength stay  precisely in this hidden identity, because if people know about them  would take they power).

Level 2 – The Council of 13 families

On level 2 is the so-called Black aristocracy composed of 13 families, the richest in the world.

David Icke (Huge attention to the author who is a big supporter of universal satanicreligion, New Age’s and his books are full of fallacies) writes in “The Biggest Secret” that these 13 families make up “a race of men that do not cross only than between them (with an almost continuous bloodline), a kind of “race within the race.” It was created in antiquity, the Middle Orient and the Close Orient. Over the thousands of years that followed, this breed has continuously expanded powers, poaching virtually the entire globe. […] Basically, the process took thousands of years. Control structures of modern institutions: government, banking, business, army and media have not been infiltrated by this force, but were created by them  from the beginning. ”

These families are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Dynasty Astor
  2. Dynasty Bundy
  3. Dynasty Collins
  4. DuPont Dynasty
  5. Dynasty Freeman
  6. Dynasty Kennedy
  7. Dynasty Li
  8. Onassis Dynasty
  9. Dynasty Reynolds
  10. Rockefeller dynasty
  11. Rothschild Dynasty
  12. Dynasty Russell
  13. Dynasty Van Duyn

Members of these families occupy the highest positions in all existing hierarchies, and are all very rich and  “above the law”. However, most of them never appear on the list known to us with the richest people in the world. What interests them is by no means to be known, only to have the wealth and control of the planet, and to pursue their plans of domination of humanity. The media almost entirely controlled by these families tells us that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world with $ 54 billion, or Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico with 74 billion dollars.

In fact these billionaires can hardly compete with Sir Evelyn of Rothschild (Rothschild Dynasty) who holds an incredible amount of 500 trillion dollars (500,000 billion) (more than half of the total wealth of the world!). With the wealth of this family can be fed and clothed the entire population of the globe.

The Rothschilds 500 trillion fortune!

One of the ways these families control the world is the multinational companies that holding shares to one another, this holding is so complicated that  almost it is impossible to be tracked.

I quote a study published online (article can be found online writing: companies that run the world)

It is not about conspiracy theory, or about its negation. Simply, as shown in figures, an exclusive group of 737 transnational companies (TNC) control about 80% of the turnover of the largest companies in the world and therefore has control over their decisions. This is the final conclusion of a study recently published by the University of Zurich study conducted by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder and Stefano Battison.

Of these, however, “hard core” of only 147 companies or groups, controls, directly or indirectly, not less than 40% of the turnover of the most important companies in the world.

Economic links between large companies influence the global economy. The main problem researchers was the discovery of the structure of large corporations control the world.

The most powerful nodes from big  transnationals companies tend to connect with each other, which means that the strongest TNC sites attract each other, forming a high concentration of power.

The most powerful economic actors come from the financial sector and are familiar names in the international market. The study shows that these companies are linked in a highly intricate network, but the “exclusive club” controls the whole world economy, influencing inevitable, and the evolution of smaller companies

Level 3 – Committee of 300

Committee of 300 (also called the Olympians) was founded in 1727 by the British aristocracy and is composed of the most powerful “sub-families”.

This committee coordinates directly a lot of major organizations and institutions around the world, including: the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, Roundtable, British Petroleum, the Order of Skull and Bones, Royal Dutch Shell Company, the Socialist International, Universal Freemasonry , order of Magna Mater, Zionism Universal, World Council of Churches, Knights Templar, American Press Institute, the British Royal Society, Harvard University, Institute for Drugs, Crime and Justice, MIT, NATO, the International Red Cross, Princeton University, World Bank, American Express, Citibank, Credit Suisse, etc..

The list is too long to be presented here, but who wants to find out all the details known about the Committee of 300 can get this document drafted by Dr. John Coleman, a former British intelligence officer of the service:


Level 4 – Command Center

Comand center

On this level are the six structures representing global command center of the New World Order:

– Trilateral Commission,

– Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

– Bilderberg Group,

– Club of Rome,

– United Nations

– Royal Institute of International Affairs

All these structures are connected by means of the Round Table.

Round Table the creation of British businessman Cecil Rhodes is a structure so complex, that Dr. Coleman said about it: “Round Table itself consists of a real tangle of companies, institutions, banks and educational establishments; she-would take time highly qualified specialists for a year, only to unravel and understand it. ”

It is known that these families have always chosen the greatest scientists of all fields to work for them, so it’s not surprising that they have developed a control system so complicated that it can not be understood by ordinary people. This sistem have the final goal the chip implanted (666) and our soul  loss forever.

  1. Trilateral Commission is a “private association” founded in 1973 on the initiative of David Rockefeller in order to “strengthen political and economic cooperation between the continents: American, European and Asian.” Therefore it is called the Trilateral. In the composition of this committee are included concerne executives, bankers, politicians (including former U.S. presidents), economists, etc.. – in generally the most influential people in North America, Europe and Asia. Basically this private organization in wich enter only with special invitation based on merit, lead the world over the heads of governments. Afther decisions are made, members of the organization send decisions to governments, and they apply within each state. All nations of the world are driven by this supranational entity. Every year the Trilateral Commission has in the plenary a meeting and one zonal meeting. During 15 to 17 October 2010 the European section of the Trilateral Commission meeting held in Bucharest, in almost total secrecy. 170 of the most powerful men in the world came to Bucharest and the press barely reported it.

Mugur Isarescu (director of national bank of Romania) is a member of this committee so we have  the wolf to guard the sheep, a traitor to guard the country’s gold and money.

  1. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in 1921 and is a non-partisan non-profit American organization specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. “Council on Foreign Relations is an organ of what C.Wright Mills called ” power elite “- a group of men with similar interests and beliefs that are up to the events of intangible positions situated behind the scenes.” Says Charles Kraft, member of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.
  1. Bilderberg Group is an organization with globalist agenda, which includes the western world political leaders, businessmen and academics. Meetings are held annually since 1954. Founders Group were magnates David Rockefeller and Rothschild banking family. The group is strongly exclusivist and meets annually to promote a rapprochement between Europe and the United States. The organization has a globalist agenda and stated that the concept of national sovereignty is obsolete.

Because the secrecy of the meetings and refusal to issue news releases, the group was often accused of conspiracy worldwide. The Group has no website and no meeting is recorded.

From Bilderberg part about 180 political figures, cultural, economic, academic, which meets every year in May, alternately in Europe and America in nearly 50 countries.

  1. The Club of Rome was founded in April 1968 by Aurelio Peccei, Italian businessman and scientist and by Alexander King, a Scottish scientist. Doctrine club is based primarily on Limits to Growth report (The Limits to Growth) published in 1972. According to the report any increase has a limit to be set and prevent. Economic growth is limited, resources are limited and so, the world population growth has a limit. Therefore, measures should be taken in time to prevent reaching these limits. In this context, one of the goals of the Illuminati, reducing world population seems to be a necessary (even if only God has the right to give and take life they think that are gods). Note that All Seeing Eye that appears in the advertisement of the Club of Rome (see official website).
  1. Organization of the United Nations (UN) is the Trojan horse of world government in preparation and subordinate a vast network of organizations that claim to serve the peoples, but this is only a coverage of an grotesque manipulation linked – among others – by developing countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. From UN network make part and the World Health Organization, a subsidiary owned by Anglo-American pharmaceutical cartel-Swiss. Whenever the organization warns that the world that an epidemic follow to happen, those who control, pharmaceutical corporations, provides the necessary vaccine. It is another example of the mechanism for creating the problem – reaction – solution, although vaccines cause more bif health problems, affecting physical and mental well-being of billions of people.
  1. Royal Institute of International Affairs, known as Chatham House is one of the most important clubs of reflection in international business in the world, occupying first place in the ranking of “Non-US Think Tank ‘of Foreign Policy. Discussions in this club are structured in the form of independent analysis on areas as diverse as Energy, Environment, Government Resources, International Economic Policy, Safety, Health. One of the rules of the club is that members must keep confidential the identity of the brainstorm.

Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission controls almost one hundred percent of the public opinion. All opinion leading dailies, news agencies and the main television channels whose news broadcasts are tracked by public opinion have in leadership positions their members. (How do you explain for example the funeral of Father Justin Pārvu our great confessor was not transmitted on any post?)

If the first three levels are only those which are related to families and sub-families of Occult World on level 4, and the lower levels of the pyramid of power can access and people who are not blood relatives of the families and sub-families driving the stages 1, 2 and 3.

Even politicians / Romanian officials can be found in the command structures on level 4. Example in our country (Romania) Trilateral Commission has two full members: Isarescu (BNR, national bank of Romania,  governor) and Tanasescu (Romania’s representative to the IMF).

Meanwhile, Isarescu is also the president of ARCOR, Romanian subsidiary of the Club of Rome.

From ARCOR belong among others: Ion Iliescu, Emil Constantinescu, Calin Georgescu, Daniel Daianu, Mircea Malita, Sergiu Celac. (see complete list: clubofrome.ro).

So we can sleep quietly, through these people, All Seeing Eye is also present in our country.

Command Center from level 4 controls the entire population of the globe through the structures on levels 5, 6 and 7.

Level 5 – World Financial Control

All financial instruments through which the Illuminati control the world’s population, are on this level. International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Settlements, Central Banks, and arrangements for tax population. Probably is the most evil population control system ever designed. Control with money. Why money is called the Eye of the Devil? “Give me on my hand a country’s currency and I don’t care who makes the laws in the country” is a famous quote by Rothschild. Perhaps that’s why the country is not ruled by a governor or president but is driven from the shadows of who controls that country’s currency. Perhaps that’s why the country can not house alone but needs the advice of the IMF. No matter who makes the laws and what laws do apply however only  IMF directives are applied. (It seems clear to us how the IMF forcing the sale of the last property that has Romania, as they put the tombstone)

Level 6 – Control of world

On this level are large international corporations pursuing population control through control over resources. All the resources of the earth are the gift of nature (or God) made ​​all people living on earth.

Today, however, although we are told that we live in the world of all freedoms, rights, and democracy, they are seized on behalf of our strange reasoning or scams. Everywhere in the world where lands are fertile appears Monsanto companies that corrupt politicians to regulate the cultivation and marketing of products. (How it is in US with rainwater? )

The intention is to destroy the small producers or removing them underground, which means that even the most innocuous producer will not be able to grow anything in the garden of their own without government approval.

Orchestrated by regulating such companies worldwide in terms of quality and safety of food, by imposing so-called scientific parameters by which manufacturers must guide is not intended something else than the destruction of small producers (All products have ISO 9001 but they damage in short time afther the warranty period). And this, in favor of large food manufacturers that produce long and stupid food! The famous Codex Alimentarius represents the quintessence of the system, the implementation of which worked for decades representatives of major political and financial interests.

From December 31, 2009, the Romanian government began, along with other 165 signatory countries (representing almost 85% of world population), implementation of Codex Alimentarius feared. A compendium of food law, the Nazi stamp, introduced by AG Farben, which will set rules for food of nations. Implementation, provided in several stages, starts from the fact that the world population is too large as Earth can sustain a natural diet. The GM products must be constructed in the laboratory, additives and irradiated. All data can be studied http://www.codexalimentarius.com site.

Layer 7 – Control of world population

The structures located on this level have direct contact with the population. All of the directives from above are implemented in the population through these four components: Religion, Education, Government, and Media. Basically masters of the world hide behind the shield (level 7) to carry out the plans. The population is indoctrinated by religion (and the only religion that is blamed or attacked verbally and its followers are persecuted widely, is Islam. Islam is the only religion that bothers satan, lord of the world because people are saved through it. Muslims believe in the Day of Judgement and it can lead its believers to analyze their deeds and to prevent from doing sins, and haram deeds. These let them enter the heaven of God, and not to hell where satan wants us to be. The rest of religions can be practiced freely because it works for satan from the top of the pyramid and conduces their followers to hell using sins, and haram deeds like drinking wine, having illegitimate relationships, gay marriages, etc.. ), stupefied by the education system. this young generation that thinks men are descendants of monkeys and earth is created out of a giant blast and not created by God, will be fooled by the media, employed by the government or private owner, and will be exploited in this system for the lifetime. The result is a population devoid of energy and enthusiasm, without the potential to act and react, unable to realize what is happening to them, so any fate is a good fate for them. This is the current world we are living where we don’t even get the chance of questioning why we do what we do.

Level 8 – World population or units of work

On the bottom level, are we, the global population, ordinary people, the sheep, or modern slaves of our time. Our cycle is limited to what we have been indoctrinated that we must do: we are born, do school work for our masters, we pay taxes, and then go out in retirement. Pension thing might disappear in this cycle, because not help with anything persons on the top.

Interestingly is that some of us from the flock can rise to higher levels temporarily, to be part of government institutions to reach level 5 bankers at the World Bank or IMF or even on level 4 in the Club of Rome. But when they become useless for masters, are thrown back into the fold at the bottom.

From levels 5, 6, and 7 are produced the hardest attacks and the big pressure on the population. Financial and food safety is attacked by each of us, is attacked public health system, education, religion, culture, national identity.

In the face of these enormous forces that dominate the planet, our government and our leaders “chosen people” have virtually no chance. They must carry out the orders they receive and put the land to those who run the world (Instead of traitor and seller of the country better be dead because no one can force you to do anything more than your will but our politicians do, they sell and indirect killing their people and take their commission). The only problem is that these leaders of ours besides stealing, are incompetent and do not know how to negotiate hard bargain for the Romanian people. It is clear that Romania can not isolate and develop separate out regional and global context. Want it or not, it is part of the New World Order, and if the whole world is moving in a direction we do not have to go in the opposite direction. The position that we have in this new global, depends only on those who lead us.

Further I render what is said in the film banker that can be found on youtube:

Banker (William Montague The 3rd):

Hello! My name is Montague William 3rd. And what I will tell you may sound a little absurd. But the less you believe it, the better for me. For you, I am the bank and the big industry. For many years we have controlled your lives while you struggle and suffer in strike. We created the things that you do not really need: sports cars, fashion and plasma tv, extra luxurious lifestyle.

I remember clearly how all this began, your greed gave me the edge while you peasants people chasing money in day or dream at night on your bed. We control the money that controls your lives. While you worship without thinking twice you are selling your soul for a piece of a bankroll.

These things won’t matter when your time is done, but as long as they are there to control the masses I just sit back and consider my essence, safe in the knowledge I have it all, while you common people are losing your jobs.

You see, I just hold you in constant contempt, but the smile on my face well it makes exempt, for I have the weapon of global tv which gives us entry to your mind. You would really believe that we look out for you. While we, bankers, and brokers are only a few. But if you saw that, you’ve taken back power. Hence daily terror to make you all coward, the panics, the crashes, the wars, and the illness that keep you from finding your spiritual onus.

We rig the game and we buy both sides to keep you slave in your pitiful lives.

So, go out and work as you body clock fails, and when it is all over, a few years from the grave you will look back at all this, and just then you will see that your life was nothing,  a wasteful part of a machine.

(You dear reader what you have done with your life so far? Where are the cars and the items you had a lifetime? Was worth laboring for them so much? So many decades lost? And since God has given you a body that will be eaten by worms and a soul that is eternal, immortal, how many did you do for the body and how many for the soul? In great deception, you are trapped if you do not take care of your soul. Could you be a millionaire, billionaire that all your body still rottenness and dust and food for worms will come, but you take care of him to make all its desires and give them to eat only good things, you go with him to the gym, to solar, excursions, you stuff themselves in drunkenness and fornication? But for the soul how many prayers, how much “sacrifice (Observing fast, contemplation in sleepless nights, waking up to pray god before dawn, offering service in your difficult times) how much good works, how many  Confession of your sins 

To know that the only certain thing in life is death, and if you do not take care of your soul death will take you by surprise, and woe and bitter be to you then for you because your soul will not die but will struggle forever.

Old Gordon competed David kingdom and you will follow the leader whoo was put there by you, but your blood its run red, while our blod runs  blue, but you simply don’t see it is all part of the game, another distraction like money and fame.

Get ready for wars in the name of freedom, vaccinations for illness that will never be, assault on your children’s influential minds, and microchip world. You will putt up no fight, information and suppression will keep you under the shoe.

Depopulation of peasants was always our goal, but eugenics (the science that people put in the place of God and want to control how many people are born, killing billions of people in different ways) was not what we hope it will be. Oh yeah, it was us that founded Nazism! But as long as we hold the media to what really happens do not concern you, so just go and watching your plasma tv, and the world will be run by the ones you can not see. ”

Defeating the New World Order

There is only one way of escape from this great snare and deception, from this dense spider web, woven by satan through his servants held various management structures at national and global levels: and the way to escape is becoming a true Muslim. Do not worry, there will come one day that our promised one, Imam Mahdi(SA) will arrive with his 313 Believers and will end this unjust rule of satan. That day is near and you have to remember that you should be among the awakened ones to make that possible. That day will Good will triumph over Evil and the New World Order will be uprooted.

Secondly, the other possible tool we could prevent the New World Order 2020 is with an aware and well-informed young generation. People wise enough not to relate a disaster to a race, gender, and society but for all of humanity.

Thanks for reading and please spread awareness about The New World Order.

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