What it means to become a successful entrepreneur?

1/ Not follow the herd mentality4/ have a plan
2/ Follow your own desire5/ execute
3/ think of a way you can give and take

In life, it is compulsory to become something or acquire a status beyond name and simple recognitions. In early-stage school teachers and mostly elders ask us the question, ‘’ what you will become when you grow up in future? To which with utter naiveness and ignorance of the world around us, we name a particular profession namely doctor, engineer, scientist and pilot. That is because it is most repeatedly said to those questions asked by everyone. But today we ask you to be different in approaching your future decision and plans with the help of our wise counsel -If you want to know what it means to become an entrepreneur.

Ok, to start first it is recommended to not take drastic measures, venture your professional career and embark on an adventures journey to change everything you are doing now. I propose that you should ponder everything that you plan to do and with planning thou you should go ahead and execute.

But before doing everything pay heed to our advice since I am already on a boat sailing in that direction. Therefore it will be wise to hear or in this case to learn on the basis of things I have learned already which are the followings:

  • Do not follow the herd mentality

Humans conform. It is by nature that we conform and blend in because we are social animals. In the past, we were used to living in bands and groups to hunt, to share the workload, to survive in cold weather, and to protect one another from interlopers. Until now, we follow the same herd mentality because it helped us survive in the past and we think it is wise to think that it will serve that purpose now. However, on the contrary, the people’s way is always the safest way to live because the main purpose is to survive and we sure will. We will not think out of the box because it is dangerous, we will not do something adventurous or risky because no one has done it before, we will choose to become doctor or engineer which millions have already walked that path and have become one and that is playing safe. In the past, no one was inclined or intrigued by the thought of becoming an artist, specifically a painter because that was a path no one had walked before. However, as people in the later decades tried their luck and succeeded in creating a steady outcome out of it, society then begins to approve of it as a profession to depend on for survival. So the lesson to be learned is that never be afraid of doing something new, if you have got a plan no one has executed before, have the guts, take the risk and execute your plan and have no fear of not succeeding the first time because nothing big was created over a night.

  • Follow your own desire

Your life has a purpose, you either have to use your time, energy, dedication, and concentration on fulfilling that purpose or use the same helping someone else fulfill theirs. Your heart tells you what it wants over your lifetime. What your life is about will be expressed by your deepest urges or expectation of you at the end of your lifetime. Try to feel it by daily asking yourselves the question that whatever you are doing, is it making you feel good about yourselves, and are you enjoying it. You will finally come across something you do but don’t feel like a job to you but like an activity that you deeply indulge in and at the same time enjoy too. You know, the case is that if you do the things you love you do not get tired, though you get tired of the work and challenges but not tired emotionally and psychologically to not be ready again to continue it the next day. The moment you find such passion and enthusiasm in any type of endeavor grab them like hell.

  • Think of a way you can take and give back to society

Now that you know what you can do and contribute to your society, you can prosper easily by excelling at that particular thing. In the early stages of your life, build up a skill or become good at a particular thing you enjoy, become so good at that thing that later on you get recognition and remuneration for that skill of yours. See in the current world, degrees and documents mean nothing in the long run but a set of video editing, song composing and creative writing can propel you fast ahead of those with only degrees and documents. With complying with today’s norms you can become another mediocre among many others that quite comfortably reside within mediocrity with minimum wages and busy work-days with little to no authority to question what they do. So value skill over degrees, work for excellence and gratification, and not for money.

  • Have a plan ahead of you

With all the enthusiasm and passion for doing something new and embarking on an ambitious future ahead, you cannot go ahead without a blueprint for your actions. You must weigh each one of your actions with better and possibly optimal resorts of action and alternatives. Doing something new is like walking on a stair on a pitch dark night. You cannot see the steps ahead but you can predict your steps ahead with a plan in mind already. The road is long and stretched and if you do not want to wander around absurdly, you have to have a plan a roadmap.

  • Execute

The last thing you can do is to execute everything you have planned and wished for to come true, unless you take action now and at the moment, I promise you, you will linger around in the state you already are in forever. Words will remain words, promises will remain promises, dreams will remain un-manifested unless you take a leap of faith and execute your plan with commitment and belief. Successful people and mediocre ones differ on one level -Execution- The successful ones becomes successful because they turn their plans into actions, execute their plans, do not fear failure and are not worried about peoples’ opinion of themselves and what they will say about them and how they will be judged about their actions and failures. Successful people will fail and fail and fail and fail again if they think it is part of what is needed to be successful. And most likely it is; successful people learn mistake by mistake, experience by experience to identify what is it they did wrong previously, what is to be done correctly this time. However, we middle-class men with people’s deliberation and judgments in mind will not even get past the first step which is execution, let alone, the second and third steps which are consistently working and relentlessly improving by realizing and learning from the mistake and the miscalculations. If one could get past these three steps which will take certainly a couple of years and many failed attempts and experiences, hands down you would be by now on a prosperous road ahead of you with lots of experience to be thankful for and lots of regrets that are non-existing now. I wish good luck for you and good wishes for your future ahead.

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