Balfour Declaration

Balfour Declaration was a treaty designated to snatch back what they (Jewish aka Zionists) Had lost. It was the deal of acquisition, and occupation of solely Jerusalem by zionists.  The word Zion means Jerusalem and that clearly states that Zionism was clearly a movement facilitated by the Heinous Rothschild family in order to forcefully recapture Jerusalem once lost to Muslims.

Who are the Rothschilds?

The Rothschilds family are the elites that control the world through their enormous riches, influence, and power. They were regarded as nobilities by the Roman Empire and the United Kingdom and had great influence over the dukes, princes, and queens, and European Leaders. –Source

Balfour Declaration -aka the oppression and occupation

From Frankfurt in Germany, Mayer Rothschild established their base and had his five sons settle their banking business in the five main financial centers of Europe. The United Kingdom was under Nathan Mayer Rothschild, France was under Jacob Mayer Rothschild, Austria-Hungary was under Solomon Mayer Rothschild, Italy was under Calmann Mayer Rothschild, and Germany was under his control. They introduced loan and I.O.U Bonds System. Through their joint efforts, the Rothschilds rose to fame in a variety of Business endeavors and banking ventures including providing loans and I.O.U bonds to governments for continuing their political venture, to industrialize the country, to fight their wars. Their financing afforded investment opportunities and during the 19th century, they became major stakeholders in large-scale mining and rail transport ventures that were fundamental to the rapidly expanding industrial economies of Europe. Hence They gradually subjugated the great powers of the world(France, Germany, Britain, USA) with the great wealth they possess.

Their strategy was simple; pitting countries against each other and earning profit by financing and funding the wars through loans and I.O.U government bonds.  Later on, when the country was ravaged and plundered, they would gain the upper hand on the country by controlling its economy.

F. William Engdahl, Best Selling American Author, writes in his book, A Century of War: Angelo- American Oil Politics and the New World Order, about how the banking families, Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Schiffs, The Warburg, the Morgans, dominated the World Economy And got in charge of the International Affairs and Politics, or in other words, in charge of the New World Order which is linked to The Bilderg Group(The Elite), or Secret Society(Freemasons).

Balfour Declaration -aka the oppression and occupation

In his book, he illustrates how the Rothschilds Family Dominated The Great Empires Of Britain, Germany, France, and later on the USA, and Caused wars amongst them. World War I and II being the most devastating once.

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Conquering The British Economy

After the defeat of Napoleon, the British empire was under mountains of debts and the country was bankrupted. According to studies Nathan Mayor Rothschild bought all the stocks after the scandals of the war that he spread in the stock exchange about Napoleon’s Victory and Britain’s Defeat.   As a result, the stock prices plummeted by 98% and he bought them all. He conquered the whole British economy and later sold them after two years when the prices soared. Hence becoming the richest man in Britain with great political presence.

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Who were these Wealthy Bankers? Rothschild Family?

Rothschild Family is a Jewish family. The Jews’ origin can be traced back to nearly 4,000 years. Their religious faith was monotheism preached by prophet Abraham which later was known by the term Judaism, and Torah being their Religious Text. Judaism came to being after the demise of Prophet Yusuf or Joseph whose brother’s name was Judah, Hence Judaism. Prior to the preaching of monotheism by prophet Yusuf, the whole tribe of bani-Israel or the Israelites were practicing Kabbalah, worshiping Ishtar, God of Fire, and Demon or Satan in shapes or symbols of idols, Pyramid and Obelisk. – One of them is the George Washington Monument in Washington D.C which was built after the death of the 1st president of America, George Washington and it is still the tallest building in America. During the Crusade and the conquest of Jerusalem, A group emerged as Knight Templars who fought alongside the Hospitaller knight to capture  Jerusalem. Their main goal was to regain control of the holy land and the Temple of Solomon, Hence the name Templar Knights. The Group that emerged as Knight Templars were Freemasons and had connections with Jews.

balfour declaration

The Rothschilds family was associated with the Knight Templars and became the controller of the Temple of Solomon. They were Freemasons that were practicing and preaching Kabalah -The worship of Devil as Messiah. inside the Temple of Solomon. They Even decorated The Grand Lodge of Freemason in London and Temple of Solomon alike with a masonic cheeseboard floor that is the most important symbol amongst the other symbols of Freemasonry, Such as the World Eye atop the pyramid. Their Richest Family Member, Nathan Mayor Rothschild, was actually a Grade 12 of Freemasons in the Grand Lodge of London.

balfour declaration


How were they were very rich and very skilled at banking?

They were the head of Knight Templars and in charge of controlling the religious sites of the Holy Land. They received their vast riches and wealth from Religious Pilgrimages to holy sites, and by protecting visitors of the holy land and the Temple of Solomon. The other reason the could amass such great fortune was through the banking services they provided to the pilgrims. That is why the were very skilled banker given their past experience.

balfour declaration

Templar Knights Today;

After their Massacre and prosecution by their counterpart, the hospitaller knight, or the Jewish wealthy family fled to the northern part of Europe with their wealth and begin establishing their banking system chain in powerful European countries and started asserting regional power and influence over entire Europe. And Now in the contemporary world, the result of that power and wealth is Bilderbergs Group. Their first most important meeting (The Bilderberg Meeting) was held there in the northern part of Europe, The Netherlands.

balfour declaration

And, today it is incontrovertible that The Knight Templars were the Freemasons.

balfour declaration

Back to the Main Agenda

The Balfour Declaration

balfour declaration

It was a letter written to Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild by Balfour James author, Foreign Minister and Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the approval of League Of Nation, for the support of a Jewish State inside Palestine. As a result, Palestine was partitioned into two states, the State of Israel, Arab-Palestine state which is non-existent. This partition resulting from the Balfour Declaration sparked conflicts and multiple wars.

The First Arab-Israeli war started in 1948 with the Arab League formed to protect the Arab-Palestine and ended with the victory of Israel after the United Nation brokered a 4-Week ceasefire, Giving the Israeli army time to reinforce and bring armaments. The war led to the occupation of almost the whole of Palestine and the immigration of 700,000 Arabs in Palestine.

There were several other wars, conflicts, decisions, and one-sided so-called deals over the occupation. The most fractious ones were President Trump’s peace deal which caused much more frustration among the Muslim world and the declaration of the western wall and construction of The Third Temple Over the 14 Hectare lands of Al-Aqsa Mosque to build the Third Temple. His deal was settling the United States Embassy in Jerusalem and officially declaring the occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

The reason they wanted to take back Jerusalem is clear and their intention over the annexation of Westbank is simply to cut the Muslim’s access to the Temple Mount hat their Lord satan and the Demons were enslaved by Prophet Solomon to build the Temple of Solomon. Hence the named themselves Freemasons implying that the built the temple freely, out of the will, and not enslaved.

Free+Mason(Builder)= Freemason

Clearly, the Jewish wealthy families wanted to regain the lost Jerusalem and achieved it through the Balfour Declaration -Aka the oppression and occupation.

If you wish to learn about the current incident of conversion of a Chruch to a Mosque in Turkey which drew criticism from all around the world, then Click Here.



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